Témoignage d’une chorégraphe (1)

Après « Paroles d’un spectateur » et « Confessions d’une répétitrice », continuons cette série de regards sur les danseurs. Je vous présente un texte de la chorégraphe Lara Kramer au sujet de l’interprète Lael Stellick. Pour en connaître plus sur Lael, vous pouvez aussi lire sa biographie sur le site des Imprudanses.

Interpreters are soundboards of muted voices, fictitious or non-fictitious stories, ego trips actualized.  They are participants and companions in journeys towards humility and humanity.  Their insight bleeds, stains, and transforms a work.

Lael Stellick is an artist whom I’ve had the privilege to work with. His spirit and compelling force strengthens the life of my new creation.  He carries a constant support and nurturing quality towards the creation, revealing how his involvement resonates deeply.  

There were times when I would step back and wonder what twisted fantasies have I pulled Lael into. He who so willingly enters unfazed and undisturbed by the allure of my desires to undergo the subconscious, unconscious, narcissistic, self(ish/less), lonely, romantic, spiritual and deviant process in understanding and fulfilling my human relationships. 

During the process I discovered that Lael’s contribution and generosity was often shadowed by a thick modesty.  A common trait of the Interpreter?  He is a candid supporter of my praise and promise which makes me wonder why so often interpreters are neglected in the spectacle of merit?

The characterisation of the term interpreter doesn’t even begin to depict the kind of relationship that is undertaken in my process.  I extend an invitation into my personal drama, for the artist, the persona, to wear, cradle, and digest.  They become the foundation where familiar sensations and personal histories are understood. Accompanying me through this journey, this analytical process of creation, Lael has challenged me, my perception of the human condition.      

I get the feeling that I’ve tasted a small fraction of what needs to come out of this artist.  Lael is anchored in a history of struggle, alienation. His strength, intensity and depth of emotion derive from the very root of his livelihood. Theses attributes add to my belief that his story has yet to be told, or smeared on the public eye.  It is the vibrancy and vulnerability of his inner world that illuminates the physical.  I envy the way in which his being overtakes and undertakes a room. 

Lara Kramer

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